They said they gain 5 lbs a week when growing. I can tell. Soon I wont be able to carry her. 😭
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1 Day 2 Hours Ago

@7mooood1933 رد خااااااااااااص

1 Day 2 Hours Ago


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

@malibubarbiegrl28 rick out with tjise industry ac crumbs... peas

@11.771727273738 why would I care what ur plans are lol ? Rock out

@11.771727273738 ok good for u I didn’t say I was I’m going out with work people don’t have a bf . Bye 👋🏽

1 Day 8 Hours Ago

@malibubarbiegrl28 i meant im goinh out in ww, i wasnt asking if u were with ur bf

4 Days 2 Hours Ago


Taxa 🐩
4 Days 15 Hours Ago


@gina_difazio NEED

Всем привет! Я- милая собачка которая ведёт свой аккаунт! Мои фотографии вы будете видеть каждый день. Тех кто на меня подпишется - буду лайкать)

12 Days 10 Hours Ago


@thada_tiw เหนียงของใครน๊าาา

15 Days 12 Hours Ago

it is he who will carry you

Good dog

@jethrothebloodhound remember when he was this small 😍😍😩😩

18 Days 16 Hours Ago