It’s the simple things that matter. The slightest change in perspective can make or break your framing. I’ve learned that it’s all about harmonizing your subjects in your framing so they all tell a cohesive story. - Play around with your framing! tell your story. #sonyalpha
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What a photo!!! @erickhercules

Oh lord. Sheesh. My dear. Oh my.

3 Days 23 Hours Ago


Chris Baker
4 Days 15 Hours Ago

Sick framing🔥

5 Days 18 Hours Ago


Meghan Fox
5 Days 20 Hours Ago


Amazing work man, also great video with Pierre 👏👍

Think it's hours


Joshua Ayres
7 Days 18 Hours Ago

They took his fucking head

Mike Meyers
8 Days 8 Hours Ago

Damn that’s sick 🙌🏻

@rosabarrientoss @rosaaaaab

Stop it

OG AF 🙌🏽

@asenseofhuber thank you my guy 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Kyle Huber
9 Days 17 Hours Ago

These are stunning! 😍