How many more weeks until we see these conditions? My prediction is six but it might be one of the best wildflower seasons ever. 🏔😍 * * #coloradotography #tbt #visitcolorado #colorado #coloradolive #choosemountains #wildernessculture #mountains #hiking #beautiful #colorful #coloradolove #viewsfromcolorado #coloradogram #coloradolife #adventure #explore #hikingadventures #getoutside #travel #instatravel #travelgram #westbysouthwest #photooftheday #earthpix #puresw #optoutside #visitsilverton #instagood #coloradical
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Jill Carver
2019-08-17 18:33:32

@hankblumphotography thank you so much!

@jillcarver7 They are about as good as you can dream of now. If temps stay warm, some will cling on otherwise temps will start to drop up there and most will start to die off.

Jill Carver
2019-08-17 16:14:35

@hankblumphotography one more question if you have time. Referring to Ice Lake area. Are there still some wild flowers early September, or will we have completely missed them?

@jillcarver7 Columbine Lake is unbelievable. 😍

Jill Carver
2019-08-01 15:46:38

My husband and I will be visiting Colorado for the first time in September. We plan to hike the Ice Lake trail. We’ll check out Durango and Mesa Verde too. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on other trails/sites/must do in the area?

2019-08-01 13:44:55

@jenlang02 😍


@ron.boker no photoshop, real life. 😉

2019-06-14 10:07:57

Looks like a photoshop ❤

Gorgeous pic

Semra Öz
2019-06-10 17:25:01


Colorado living up to its colorful name 😍 I love that you got the columbines in this frame. (Why is there not a columbine emoji 😂)

2019-06-08 15:16:40

@s.sli77 نذر ابيك بسالفه يخوي اخلص رد


Zoya Harram
2019-06-07 22:10:55


@breakingshantelle 😉

@hankblumphotography thank you!!!!♥️

Leit Schafer
2019-06-07 09:48:52

@hankblumphotography nice

@leit_schafer IPhone, Sony A6500

Leit Schafer
2019-06-07 07:57:02

What camera do you use