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2019-06-15 18:19:55

Just watching that gave me allergies


2019-06-13 23:44:10

What’s going on here, this is so random ‘-‘

So sweet 🐣

[ noemie ]
2019-06-13 00:14:17

@x.mirana ça ce voie elle est pas allergique au pollen

cameron swick
2019-06-12 13:43:28

My skin would destroy me on site

أحب أقول لكم يا بنات ان المتجر الي في البايو حقي حسابي راح يعجبك باختصار ادخلي وشوفي بنفسك 😴❤️ F

Rita Cezario
2019-06-11 11:38:34


This makes me sneeze just watching it @rsfields42

2019-06-10 17:13:06

So lovely beautiful flowers

Dusty Trice
2019-06-10 08:49:08

This is NOT how you smell flowers.

2019-06-10 08:03:26

In the real world something bites you after doing that


2019-06-09 10:11:48

@who.s.your.daddy.biatch che tutti I santi siano con te

My sinuses just had a heart attack

2019-06-07 19:13:57

Isn't that wild parsnip, doesn't that cause blisters and boils