This #ad was inspired by summertime fireworks and pops of bold pepperoncini flavor 💥 @kettlebrand
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12 Days 14 Hours Ago


A n n a
13 Days 3 Hours Ago


Those are booooommmbbbb

13 Days 9 Hours Ago

@mattcrump i’m eating them right now skdjdjdjdjdhhd

@boodad6 YAS 🙏✨

@bellabucchiotti 🤤🤤🤤

@susi.77 Thank you my friend! 🌈

@natimovega MINE TOO! 🙌🙌

@visualheart Hahah YESSSS!

@chartreuxmalheureux NOM ♾

@heyluster 🌶✨✨✨

@quarterlab_design_build Thank you very much! 🙌🙌

@anthonyhesse You’re welcome! 🙌

@xoxrosie LOL ME TOO 🤤🤤

@janess_xoxo1 Hahah pepperoncini! It’s an Italian pepper and it’s soooo good 🤤

13 Days 13 Hours Ago

Pepperchine chips what????

14 Days 9 Hours Ago

Hey guys! We post the same picture of Kermit the frog everyday #kermkerm


14 Days 11 Hours Ago

i literally have been eating this these chips like every day, i haven’t had another flavor chip in so long- y’all got me addicted

@moldivite Hahah THANK YOU! @kettlebrand will be happy 🙏🙏🙏