This is from last July in Glacier National Park. It was a really nice bloom before the weather got super dry and the fires set in. I was hoping to do an epic backpack in Glacier this August, but I didn't hit the lottery for a permit. If anyone is flexible and wants to try for a walk-in permit, let me know. @reallyrightstuff @fstopgear @coalatree @progradedigital @nikonusa . . . . . #earthoffical #wow_planet #jaw_dropping_shots #ourplanetdaily #earthfocus #awesomeearth #glaciernationalpark #magicpict #fantastic_earth #earthpix #discoverglobe #earthfever #landscape #nakedplanet #awesome_earthpix #earthspirit #awesomedreamplaces #awesomeglobe #awesomepix #ig_bliss #nationalparkgeek #travelawesome #findyourpark #national_park_photography #landscapephotography #tourtheplanet #depthsofearth #worldshotz #wonderful_places #usinterior @usinterior @nationalparklife @glaciernps
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