Haven’t posted in a while again. Thought I would because I like how this picture turned out. (In my jacket that my daughter said “It looks like you’re wearing Elmo.”) Have a great day all! 🤗 #elmo #elmofashion #alberta #icanthashtaganymore
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Only you could rock an Elmo jacket so fabulously! ❤️

@gordon_kosmenko thanks it’s sooo warm lol 😄

@sounds_of_depression thank you!! 🤗

@kelle3313 thanks Kelle! 🤗💕❤️

@paes_renato thanks Renato! 😄😄

@instanpound 😂😂😂

@bobcgibbs 🤣🤣🤗

@pabredwings hi darlin! 💕❤️

@gordon_kosmenko 🙌🤗

@findmeonthemountain 😂😂😂 he sure is! ❤️

@globalfarm thanks Suzie! 🤗❤️💕

@4theluvofpix 😂😂🤗❤️

@jonathanadamskansas thanks! 😄😄

@simmie_issenberg hi Simmie!! ❤️🤗

@larryrenner aww thanks Larry!! All is good hope things are your way as well! 🤗💙

@kurtislouisroy thank you!! 😄

@go_capturelife they sure do! 🤣 Thanks Kim! ❤️💕

@swimkoach looks like it! 😂

@photography_by_david_layland 😂😂😂