A photo of a dog who found his perfect forever human. Finn was taken in off the streets by the Sato Project and was part of the first Dogist Rescue Ride last year. Henry signed on to foster/transport this little dog. Henry soon fell victim to the hazard of being too close to adoptable dogs that some of you know. Long story, short: he’s definitely @keepingfinn. #adopted Beans and I went for a paddle with @thehendog and Finn last night. Beans watched carefully as Finn rode in a canoe in a way Beans had never before witnessed. Everyone had treats and no cameras were sacrificed.
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8 Days 21 Hours Ago



Let her invite him over for a family funktions and we introduce ourselves when she bring him bye


14 Days 15 Hours Ago


I’m in love.

Heather A.K. Cram
14 Days 19 Hours Ago

@alexa_thompson @trailsandbears BIG MOOD 🤣

14 Days 19 Hours Ago

I followed his story from the beginning, but this caption made me 🥺😢 all over again! ❤️

I simply adore Finn!!! 💕💕💕

This crossover has me SHOOK

Georgia Quinn
15 Days 4 Hours Ago

Hes sooo cute!

@alexa_thompson awe 🤗 I didn’t know if it was happening either. It was almost windy enough to call off the paddle. Luckily it died down just in time for us to get out on the water and see Finn teach Beans some moves

@staceykphotography not this trip, but not for not trying 🙈

Martin Moreno
15 Days 17 Hours Ago


@schmanthers old and not so old ❤️

@schmanthers old and not so old ❤️

@hikingwithheather ❤️❤️❤️

@erynmck93 awe thank you!❤️

Aww great crew 😍