The Singularity: Great Sand Dunes National Park. 8 images stacked in SLS. The sand dunes here are huge, and getting across the larger dunes with a backpack of photo gear had me questioning my sanity, lol. Three steps up and 2-2 1/2 sliding back down. I actually got more tired going up the dunes than any mountain I can remember. 😳 ___________________________________________ Anyway I got over the crest of the larger dunes and found this extensive depression between the dunes, like a deep amphitheater. It looked like a black hole was swallowing the earth, so I call it The Singularity. ___________________________________________ I was concerned that it might be hard to climb out of the depression, and I did not want to create footprints, so I took a small Goal Zero lantern, tied to to some strong fishing line (don’t leave home without it), and used my best baseball throw to launch the light into the depths of the hole. Surprisingly it worked, lighting the cavity from below. Still not sure if it was worth it, but this was the result, like the earth is being swallowed. It’s a little different anyway The glow in the distance is the town of Alamosa, Co.
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