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Listen to the silence.

Magical Lake Helen... ✨✨✨💜

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Senja. . Mungkin kita semua tau senja itu seperti apa, senja adalah bagian waktu dalam hari atau keadaan setengah gelap di bumi sesudah matahari terbenam, ketika piringan matahari secara keseluruhan telah hilang dari cakrawala. . Tapi pasti kita mempunyai sudut yang berbeda kan tentang senja? . Nahh menurut kalian senja itu apa sih? . . #somewheremagazine #shotoniphone

Collar details of 'The Queen Bee' 🐝 DM for deets !

'The Queen Bee' Polo Midi Dress 🐝 DM for details !

===================================== 🎴 M I N I M A L  O F  T H E  D A Y ===================================== P H O T O  B Y @huxsterized ===================================== 🏆🎉 C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 🎉🏆 ===================================== D A T E  21/09/2019 C H O S E N  B Y @Vasilhs_petrou ===================================== I D  T A G #mpt_huxsterized F O L L O W @minimal_phototrip T A G #minimal_phototrip 🔵 Member of @phototrip_hubs_team ===================================== VISIT THE HUBS OF OUR FAMILY: @portraits_phototrip @awesome_phototrip @bw_phototrip @houses_phototrip @drone_phototrip VISIT THE FRIENDLY HUBS: @kings_greece @urban_greece ====================================== #minimalpeople #minimalint #ig_minimalshots #minimalism_world #loves_minimalism #minimalmood #rsa_minimal #pocket_minimal #supermegamasterpics_minimal #great_captures_minimal #minimal_perfection #unlimitedminimal #minimalism_one #minimalzine #minimaldotcom #minimal_view  #tv_minimal #ptk_minimal #loves_united_minimal #bns_minimal #top10minimal #wow_minimal #tgif_minimal #picturetokeep_minimal #total_minimal #minimalism_masters #minimalobsession

Long way to go

therapy 👏🏻

Partnering with @fabfitfun & receiving the pretty fall box got me smiling. #pr I’ve never tried this before but in love with the variety of goodies, especially the ceramic cheese board & exfoliating sugar cubes. #fabfitfunpartner Use my code HETALLPATELL10 to get $10 off your first box at www.fabfitfun.com #fabfitfun

I saw satan and he whispered: Choose your heartbreaker

the sun in the afternoon 🌞🌞🌞

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smashed pumpkin bruschetta x cheesy croquettes x nasi campur veggie.....and now i’m hungry 🤭

#sv_inc 人很奇怪, 不喜歡別人騙自己, 卻總喜歡自己騙自己。

Take time to chill. #minimalist #instamarinda #smrminimal

Girl and cat Ricohflex model vi Kodak ektar 100 | film 120 | roll 2 #dobiedb


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you default to being scared change is always scary and that is okay that is okay but you ask yourself, what is it that scares you? what are you afraid of? you are afraid of change and what is it about change that scares you?

"That's type crazy"



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🌞🌊🏊必須再訪 Photo by @aguaphoto

The face you make when your hair stylist gives you back your 15 minute snooze hair! @ms.nity loving this hair. 💗 so good I had to share a selfie📸 #mystylistisfire 💇🏿‍♀️ #protectivehairstyles #crochetpassiontwists #minimalmood #minimal_me #minimal_life

Working a little bit of magic.💫

Freehand leaves tattoo 🍃✨ Thanks, Moira! DM for inquiries @rydelreib @rydelreib_tattoo

Small sunflower tattoo on forearm 🌻 Thanks, Moira! ✨ DM for inquiries @rydelreib @rydelreib_tattoo


1969-12-31 16:00:00

Small flower tattoo 🌷 Thanks, Jia! ✨ DM for inquiries @rydelreib @rydelreib_tattoo

Minimal is me and I am still learning. For some people by seeing a minimal thing they’ll amazed to it for no reason. Have fun with your weekend everyone! | #portfolatlay

Not planning to move far from here today.. Thanks to @adairs for just making it a little harder to get out of bed every morning. Happy weekend everyone x // #inbed #fwis #sydneyblogger

morning, uollss breakfast ape tu?


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