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They said they gain 5 lbs a week when growing. I can tell. Soon I wont be able to carry her. 😭

Daisy Mae rules everything around me.

🌼 Daisy Mae , our new bb. 🌼

💔We buried you today. 💔

I 💜 shih Tzuz

First day back at Interbay Petco after Academy. This is Mufasa. My first victim. He was very happy with his haircut! 😘😍

Before/After : MONTY!


Meet Tyke. I did his haircut today. I think I like Shih Tzus 🤔

Second Victim: Reese!!! She was a sweetheart the entire time and I got to practice on her face. Teddy bear heads are all the rage. #doggrooming #doghairdontcare

Meet Yogi. He is the 2nd dog I've ever shaved down and done a haircut on. The notes in the system said he was very aggressive and will try to bite you when working on his feet. . . I was super nervous but he was a sweet angel for me. Instead of trying to bite my hands, he licked them when I touched his feet. . My instructor was very impressed and said I did a really really good job. Sooooo....if you think your dog cant get groomed, sometimes he might just need a different groomer with different energy. Or maybe your dog is bias about a Male or female cutting his hair. Either way, I'd love to try!! Thankful for getting a dog that liked me, thankful for getting more comfortable with shears and electric shavers. #dogwhisperer

🎶fuck em up fuck em up fuck em uppppppp🎶 some dogs take more water to get them clean. 😏

January's schedule! Now accepting bath dogs! No haircuts just nails, teef, glands, baths, brush outs etc! We have an amazing shedless treatment too!!! 😍😍 call me here: 206-216-2267 @ interbay petco

🎶I whip my hair back and forth🎶 . . Things over here have been non-stop! I had a leap of faith and quit my coffee gig to become a dog groomer recently. School doesn't start till late Feb so until then...bring your little freaks to me at Interbay Petco. It's nothing but washes, nail trims, and anal glands(I need practice on these...hit me up if your dog needs it done. ) for me till I'm certified.


I LOVE house sitting/dog watching/walking/cat play dates and basically anything that has to do with all animals. Hit your girl up if you need someone who cant enough of that furry freak kingdom. 🧡💛🔥💛🧡

I met falcor this week. #neverendingstory