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Major shout to my guys @chazajordan, @denny623 and @jleebz for sharing some KEYS at our first Fashion panel at @sohohousenewyork this past Monday. This upcoming Monday, we’re hyped to bring out @imgerald and @lancefresh for our Footwear talk. Let’s get that #elevatedtalks conversation started. DM me for more info 🙏🏼 🏆. - .📸 @diarydrifter #welevitate

Everyone wants to shine until they get that limelight, then you’ll see who was a true diamond or not. Stay a real 💎 today ✨. #welevitate x @sksquared

Major shoutout to the souls that made it to the opening of @wyntonharvey and myself’s gallery at @sohohousenewyork last night. It was a movie & y’all are the MVPs. Much love to the Soho House family for the hospitality. Thank you @elymoskowitz for making this gallery happen for us and @bobbytrendz for facilitating on Wynton’s end, this wouldn’t have happened without the team 🙏🏼. - Thank you @sksquared for this #welevitate banger, you’re a G

Our gallery at @sohohousenewyork sold out wayyyy faster than expected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏼. @wyntonharvey and I can’t wait to see y’all today! For everyone else who missed this, hit my DMs for a chance to come out to our panel talks every Monday of this month, we’ll talk about Fashion, Footwear and Entertainment with some of the most inspiring people I know. We want to share as much knowledge and insight as possible. Let’s all winnnn!!! 🙏🏼🏆 - #welevitate x @sksquared

The future is now. #welevitate - 📸 @sksquared

I wonder what our generation will be known for 30 years from now. - #welevitate x @sksquared

The paradox of our generation lies in the fact that our day to day reality is different than our internet life. No matter how great the picture, there lies an imperfect human with much to learn about his or her surroundings and community. I’ve been working on enjoying the process much more than the actual picture. This, of course, will always be a work in progress, so I might as well live it. The power lies in your hands, make your choice today. 📸 @sksquared | #thestartup @kswiss

Shooting non-photoshopped sneakers in the air at NIGHT was always thought impossible.... until @kswiss challenged (and helped) me to produce this shot. - One of the questions @iamsantifox asked me for #thestartup campaign was “what is something you find challenging in your field”... I timidly answered “external lights”. Funny enough, when we realized that it was too dark to #levitate (with natural light), @iamsantifox brought out his Profoto B1-X and basically said “you know you can still levitate, right?”. He proceeded to explain the light theory of how shooting with one external light worked. As we got more comfortable, we started to play with the background, so we went for a dreamy city. The image above was one of the first images that showed us we had what we were looking for 🏆. With this said, Team work definitely makes the dream work. - Two lessons came out of this shoot. 1) surround yourself with people that challenge you and make you constantly come out of your comfort zone (daylight vs external lights discomfort, for me). 2) be open minded and don’t limit yourself or your art to what you already know or what you think your “aesthetic” should be. I learned a great deal on this night when it was just @iamsantifox and I, just kicking it and seeing how we can come up with cool things out of darkness. - #welevitate x @kswiss #ceoswearsneakers

Can’t take my friends anywhere 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. #welevitate - @welevitate x @forgetmat x @koolkelsey

When the @kswiss fam reached out and asked me to be a face in their #thestartup Campaign, I was beyond thrilled. Statistically speaking, this Ecuadorian immigrant kid raised in Queens was never supposed to have a seat at the table, yet here he is 🙏🏼. - My parents raised me with the idea that I could accomplish anything in the world. They taught me that with determination and hard work you CAN accomplish whatever you set out to do. This simple open-minded concept has permeated into everything I’ve done, from Opera singing to Business School to Photography. My goal in life has always been to challenge myself and the people around me to create something great that we’re truly proud of. Be ambitions. Be bold. Take risks! - Unfortunately, with the age of Social Media, people see the end result but never the process, the hustle, the ambition, the risks, the lack of sleep, the anxiety and the fear that come along with following your dream. Remember that life is a journey, and this is the process. Live it. Enjoy it. Let’s all win. #welevitate x @kswiss #ceoswearsneakers #ad

Ending this set with my first edit from the @sonyalpha #a7riv camera. Opinion; Unrivaled 🤷🏻‍♂️. - #sonyalpha #sonykandotrip

It’s the simple things that matter. The slightest change in perspective can make or break your framing. I’ve learned that it’s all about harmonizing your subjects in your framing so they all tell a cohesive story. - Play around with your framing! tell your story. #sonyalpha #moodygrams