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Online shop now OPEN! Signed limited edition c-prints from The Mother Road Series. International shipping available. Link in bio 🙂 And on a personal note, I wanted to thank you all for the support over the years. I have a tremendous appreciation for this community ❤️

The Mother Road Series: Part II

The Mother Road Series: Part II *My online print shop will reopen July 1st*

The Mother Road Series: Part II

The Mother Road Series BTS: 2014 I pulled over near Gallup to refill my tank. More accurately, I pulled over because I saw four dogs lounging in the back of a pick-up at the gas station. They were the mechanic's dogs: Bert, Frank, Harry, and Dwight. Named after the presidents in office during the heyday of Route 66. Despite their namesakes, they were nonpartisan pups. They had lovely manners and were a welcomed surprise on an otherwise lonely trip. In between belly rubs and tug-of-war, the sun made an appearance and I took a shot of the structural beauties next door. Years later I often wonder how the "presidential" boys are doing. #motherroadseries

It's time to boogie. Passport renewed. Where should I go?! Genuine advice needed ❤️

30 years, feels good 🌔

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