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@emilynayhreedawson you are a rockstar, @madisonlexicarter HAMU @somuchmorebeauty @cosmopolitantopmodel #cosmopolitannyfw #teenmodel #teeninfluencer @davecrystal Photographer

I Don’t Care What They Tell You Or Write In A Book! You Can Do It!! This brother @nassim_thunder came from Belgium to train with Brother Fareed! He set up training a year ago! I’m not going to tell you I’m Blessed, But I Will Say I Worked My Ass Off For This! Don’t every fix your mouth to say I was lucky! This is hard work and countless hours of training, prepping and learning how to be lead to become the leader I am! Here is a Fareed~Ism for you..... I Don’t Preach, I Teach! #cant🛑wont🛑 #therealtrain2perfection


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diddy posted this so 😮 honored to speak at the revolt summit today in ATL

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Moody tones on site in Battery Point, TAS ☁️ Winter in Hobart not quite over yet!

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{ Don't leave me alone } • Take me to see the wonder that Nature has created up there in the mountains. You know, we are a part of this. Here a series made for @flordecana_en about how little it takes to feel the thrill of living if with the right company.

On The Local Project today, we explore how a passion for considered, responsive design is applied to the residential typology in Melbourne’s Fitzroy North. 🌿 One Mani House sees @maniarchitecture implement a belief in the value of efficient and considered design in a project that seeks to exemplify the value of architectural design. Photography by @benhoskingphotographer. 📷 #fitzroynorth #maniarchitecture #shingles

Ich bin schon immer für Teamwork unter Fotografen, mit Konkurrenzdenken schadet man am Ende nur einem: Sich selbst. Diese Einstellung hat mich schon oft sehr viel weiter gebracht als wenn ich versucht hätte mich selbst durchzubeißen. Jetzt zu meiner Story! Als ich erfahren habe das ich Schwanger bin standen natürlich schon Hochzeiten in meinem Kalender, eine Hochzeit auch noch an meinem Errechneten Entbindungstermin. Besser konnte es gar nicht laufen 🤣 Ok Plan B musste her. Nach Rücksprache mit den Brautpaaren habe ich nach einem Ersatz für mich gesucht, aber nur für den fotografischen Part. Die Bildbearbeitung wollte ich selbst durchführen, somit bleibt hier mein Bildstil erhalten. Gestern war daher die Liebe Rebeka für mich auf einer Hochzeit und hat mir tolles Bildmaterial gebracht das, dass Brautpaar sicher glücklich machen wird. Und ich kann mit dickem Babybauch gemütlich von zu Hause arbeiten. Danke dafür 👏 #thankful @rebeka_heartbeat_visions Für deine Unterstützung 💚 Aber ihr merkt schon, selbständig und Babypause ist nicht so einfach zu Planen. Bzw. Kleine Shootings sind ja in der Regel kein Problem zu verschieben, bei Hochzeiten sieht das ganze schon wieder anderst aus 🙃 Wie hättet ihr das ganze gelöst? Hättet ihr den Brautpaaren einfach abgesagt? Oder auch nach einer passenden Lösung für alle gesucht? Wie denkt ihr darüber? Foto: @denisexeniad #thatsme #avaible #light #sunset #portrait #me #self #work #womanstyle #woman #smile #niceday #model #goodvibes #motivation #fashion #boho #thinkpositiv #inspire #photographer #photography_love #sayyes #go #smile #lovephotography #happyday #lovemyjob #hegau #nofair

•Howl• A moody evening at one of my favorite places in Glacier National Park back in July amongst the swaying beargrass. Taken the days before my popular Glacier workshops. ================================================Join me here next year, there’s very limited availability! If you miss out there’s plenty of other great workshops this year including the incredible Eastern Sierras and Death Valley in February with @j_r_moran_photography! Two Oregon Coast workshops, Moab, and Iceland as well with even more to come!! If you’ve wanted to join me, don’t wait, all of my workshops are kept small, include lodging and are a lot of fun! Just ask the 70% return rate of alumni and previous students! For more information visit the link in my Bio! 2020 is shaping up to be the best year yet! Enjoy!

BRUT. #rawmaterials #textures #hbfinish #agripa #hbstone muzillac veine @hullebusch_naturalstone #interiorarchitecture by @altointeriors #bathroom #architecturalphotography by @cafeine

Livin' on the edge You can't help yourself from fallin' Livin' on the edge You can't help yourself at all Livin' on the edge You can't stop yourself from fallin' Livin' on the edge 🎶🎶🎶

Foothills of the Himalayas: proposed 1 bed villa 👌renders by @duncanhowdin

#якутск . . Отдам в добрые руки щенков от лайки и дворняжки. . +7 914 270 2503 Есть WhatsApp . . .

Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 Today is the Independence Day of my Mexico 🇲🇽

I’ve always said I wouldn’t post film photos, but this was one of those moments when you *know* you got the shot as soon as you hit the shutter. This was the last frame of a roll of Fuji Xtra 400, taken in Glenfinnan, Scotland. It was a cold, wet day, but that only seemed to bother the tourists (us). I stood there in the rain peering through my viewfinder for a good 2 minutes waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger. • A crucial part of the film advance in my Minolta XD 11 broke during our sprint through the airport to make our flight to Ireland, so I only got to shoot two rolls of film on my trip instead of four. But circumstances like that are part of what make photos like this even sweeter.

Золото осени уже затронуло летнюю зелень, а утром становиться всё прохладнее. 🌾 Autumn has touched green colors of summer and soon we will be in a beautiful yellow, orange world. 🌾 #feisoleurope #global_rua #russia_photolovers #lovelyrussia #showmerussia #shotaward #canonrussia #natgeoru #енисейскаясибирь #haidafilter #exploresiberia #Енисей #leebigstopper #natureseekers #po_strane #madrussians #moyaplanetaru #russpasibo #awesomerussia #naturerussia #35photo #natureofrussiaru #russiaonline #maxksenzov #Дивногорск #rtgtv #russianexplorers #walk_on_russia #rising_perfection #leefilters

@alekseeva_yulyasi Постим классных девушек и парней Нижнего! Отмечайте нас в публикациях, лучшие фотки выложим здесь! #nnov #girl #sun

昨晩関東地方はすごい暴雨でした。皆様、被害は大丈夫でしたでしょうか。 弊社のオフィスが入っているマンションもエントランスの木々が風でなぎ倒されてしまいました。 管理人さん、清掃の方、植木屋さんが迅速に対応されています。お疲れ様です。

CLASS. #vintage #perfectcombo #kitchen #interiordesign #interiorarchitecture by @marlies_depoortere #hbstone verde innocente @hullebusch_naturalstone #hbfinish #pierrejeanneret