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That excited for summer ☀️

One day these little legs will grow #legday

Holding it together with the current half ass training but I think it’s time I get off my ass and start training properly again

⚖️ #healthybalance #2k20

Bali feels #winterisshit

Skinny gains #excusethedirtymirror

Joined the wild side today #wildtrack

Burgers and Coke #pablosway

@aesthetik.com.au looking after them pearly whites, couldn’t be happier with the results after my first time getting my teeth whitened

Missing the shredz and ☀️

What’s a long weekend without a good pub crawl #happybirthdayjulz

I think it’s time for another Bali trip #poolboy

Denim, there some nice jackets #denimondenim

The secret is to have pizza every second night 🍕 #pizzagains

Well shit Thor! Someone’s gonna have to change... #twinning#fathersongoals

It’s only taken 4 months to get back up to the same weight/look that I was a month post comp after I took two months off training/diet! Was it a wasted 6 months to look basically the same on the outside? No because I levelled up 10 fold on the inside mentally! Letting myself go in that time to relax aloud me to reevaluate my life/mindset, reset my goals, make sure overall I was happy and heading on the right path! 6 months down the track I’m mentally and physically the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in a long time! Superficial ain’t everything !

Soldier boys 25th 🎉#happybirthdayluke#brisbanegetaway

Slowly bringing em back #legday