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I saw a post on Facebook a couple of weeks ago for a 7wk old puppy looking for a home. I messaged to offer to take him into rescue so he'd be guaranteed the best start in life. I thought that meant I'd have some explaining to do to Dave when he got home to find a fifth dog in the house but luckily there was another Fetching Dogs foster carer available so I just picked him up and dropped him off. Close call!! I only had the tiniest amount of time with Altius that day so I was dying to see him again on Sunday when he came for his adoption photos shoot. He's an absolute firecracker who has no fear whatsoever. Small in size but HUGE in personality. Keep an eye on the @fetchingdogs site for his profile when he's listed over the coming weeks. ⁣ ⁣ ---⁣ Please do not download or repost without my permission.⁣ ---⁣ ⁣ #ruthlessphotos #sydneydogs #dogsofsydney #canberradogs #dogsofcanberra #merlepuppy #rescuepuppy #adoptme #givingback #volunteering

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Happy new year

Mikio Koyama

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The long journey back to Iceland begins today. My 7th time visiting the country and still a pleasure sharing moments like this with new people.

Cabin Love

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“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson 📷 @the_hinterlander #cabinlove


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"Dreamscape" Mt Fuji | Japan - Maybe the most beautiful mountain I've seen. Watching come to life in the early cold crisp morning surrounded by fog and clouds was like being in a beautiful dream.

Adventure is out there - you just need the courage to follow it 🍂 photo by @jeremyrobert_photos

The Patio at Deer Creek is one of the many natural cathedrals within the depths of Grand Canyon. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the sound of the rushing water or the song of a canyon wren. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There are just two spots left in my upcoming river trip. This trip is only open to 11 participants, and you do not have to be a photographer to join us. We’ll visit and photograph Deer Creek along with many other amazing locations on this trip. I hope you can join us. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #arizonacollective #explorearizona_ #instagramaz #igsouthwest #landscapephotography #landscape_lovers #becauseaoutside #arizonahighways #outdoorproject #wildernesssociety #nationalparkgeek #amongthewild #grandcanyon #nationalparkphotography #gogrand #visitarizona #natgeoyourshot #passionpassport #national_park_photography #instagood #coloradoriver #rafting #rivertrip #powell150 ##100yearsofgrand #grandcanyon100

Haus am Schedlberg // Peter Haimerl today up on #archaicmag

Gulon Mein Rang Bhare Baad-e-naubahar Chale Chale Bhi Aao Ke Gulshan Ka Karobar Chale 🌻🌼 . . . . . . . . . . #imushahid_ #photographylife #portraits #indiapictures #indiaphotoproject #instagram #photographersofindia #moody #desi_diaries #photosofindia #yourshotphotographer #indianphotography #mypixeldiary #streetstyle #travelphotography #travelpassport #indiaphotos #natgeodailyshot #streetsofindia #lonelyplanetindia #_thetravelstory #yourshotindia #moodyindia #chickenrecipes #photophieteam #beingkashmiri #captivatingkashmir #kasheeer #mibfallenrockers @wanderers.of.india @archives.of.mumbai @shweta.malhotra03 @siddharthajoshi @full_phoneography @world_photo_addiction @incredible_indian_click @capture_moments_ig @photography_maniacs__ @hindustanblog @clickstogallery @shuttersup_ @world_click_ @creative__up @awsmsnap @mobi_grapher_ @instabest_photography @photographers.team @true.colours.of.india @enticing_gallery @hidden_shots_ @sumit._.kalan.sk @shuttersofindia @indian.photography @yourshot_india @wanderers.of.india @archives.of.mumbai @shweta.malhotra03 @siddharthajoshi @full_phoneography @world_photo_addiction @incredible_indian_click @capture_moments_ig @photography_maniacs__ @hindustanblog @clickstogallery @shuttersup_ @world_click_ @creative__up @awsmsnap @mobi_grapher_ @instabest_photography @photographers.team @true.colours.of.india @enticing_gallery @hidden_shots_ @sumit._.kalan.sk @shuttersofindia @indian.photography @marathifc

The Valley of Thor ...

#onthisday 25 years ago, #zahahadidarchitects was announced winner of the design competition for Cardiff Bay Opera House. . @Blueprint.Mag (1994): “Suddenly, the subject of millennium projects has come to life. Until now competitions for cultural institutions have resulted in choices so obvious that one wonders why they were held at all. #zahahadid’s victory changes all that... It will be the work of an architect unlike any other (and) the most significant building by a woman on the planet. . “These facts do not in themselves make Hadid’s scheme good, but it is not just an exercise in gobsmacking novelty. She has managed to take the most rigid of architectural types, the monumental opera house, and strip it, flip it and fold it into a dazzling spatial event... . “Progressing from inside out (not that anything so straightforward is possible), Hadid’s design becomes less and less predictable. Ancillary spaces in long strips are pulled away from the body of the auditorium, leaving the latter as a freestanding object… External space is drawn in to the centre of the building and the piazza outside runs inwards and folds upwards to become the roof of the ground floor foyer. At the site’s perimeter, the building floats away from the ground. . “Like all ‘grands projets’, the building has to be a monument and Hadid’s design fulfils this duty, but she has also created what she calls ‘a new, fluid space that doesn’t rely on traditional geometry’, a virtually seamless flow within which the monumental parts of the building bob up and down. . “Throughout, there is a virtuoso interplay of object and space, openness and enclosure, solidity and lightness. Most importantly the grand scale of Cardiff Bay, the urban scale of the piazza and the smaller scale of the opera house interiors continuously interact. Nothing is allowed to sink into comfortable cliché. With these devices the opera house promises new insights into the familiar and a heightening of experience, which is what theatre ought to be about.” .

The rim of Raikoke volcano just a week after its eruption. A once green and lush environment turned completely uninhabitable in a matter of moments.. possibly seconds. On one hand new land formations were created, extending the shoreline by hundreds of feet.. essentially the island itself was growing. On the other hand.. an unimaginable death toll to all animal species living on or near the island. Ultimately a not so microcosm of the circle of life. It will be interesting to watch this island and see the changes it makes in the years to come & how quickly life returns.


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Dolomites: “We’re pretty.” Switzerland: “Hold my Bier.” After exploring the beautiful mountains of Italy, I headed back to my first love, Switzerland, for a few more days of fun. We visited @appenzellerland a couple years ago, but clouds prevented us from seeing its full majesty. This time, the clouds helped. #inlovewithswitzerland #switzerland #canonswitzerland #teamcanon #mycanonstory #eosr #saxerlücke #appenzell #alpstein #meglisalp #switzerland🇨🇭 #switzerland_vacations #switzerlandwonderland #optoutside #hiking #goatworthy #whyihike #timetoplay #beautifuldestinations #theoutbound #swissmountainview #kreuzberge