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Alberta is home. I love pics, weather, rust & country. #trailblazers_rurex #rsa_rural #hey_ihtst #canada #yeg Twitter @ prairie_rubbish

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Had the best day yesterday!! We did a river tour at Blue River in BC. The way the clouds were laying low across the mountains just made it look like such a beautiful dream. Unreal. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday! 💙 #bc #britishcolumbia #nature_perfection #naturelovers #explorebc #blueriver

Haven’t posted in a while again. Thought I would because I like how this picture turned out. (In my jacket that my daughter said “It looks like you’re wearing Elmo.”) Have a great day all! 🤗 #elmo #elmofashion #alberta #icanthashtaganymore

Fooling with edits. The sky has amazing structure but wasn’t quite this dark. Editing is my happiness and huge shout out to @sounds_of_depression for sharing some editing tips with me too. Hope you’re all having a great summer. We have had storms and rain every single day at some point so I soak up the sunshine while I can. I would like somewhat of a tan before winter again. 😆 #moodyshots #rsa_rural #rsa_rurex #royalsnappingartists #trailblazers_rurex #country_features #rural_shots #ig_countryside #bpa_rural #splendid_outskirts #ig_countryside #renegade_rural

I’ve been terrible at posting and keeping up with pics on here lately. But I had to share this pic because the clouds were so pretty today. I could sit for hours and watch the sky, it brings me so much happiness. Not an epic storm but beautiful to watch.

Not a prairie shot but I need to expand my photography. @nikoncanada event last night hosted by @markjinksphoto and @russ_vanderleer was a huge success, I learned so much! And my first pic ever of the Walterdale bridge in Edmonton!! Am I part of the bridge club now?? 😄 Have a great Saturday everyone! #edmonton #yeg #nikon #nikoncanada #walterdalebridge #nightphotography #exploreedmonton #travelalberta

Well I haven’t posted for almost two months. I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired lately with photography. Not sure why. I don’t want to lose my love for it because it does bring me happiness. Going to a @nikoncanada photography event in Edmonton in May that @markjinksphoto is hosting. I am hoping it’s what I need to get inspired again, and learning new things about photography is always fun. Not sure how many people will see this post since it’s been a while, but I hope you all have a wonderful night! 💕

I’d rather be here. Sorry all not done with the palm tree posts yet. 🤣🤣🤣 Also I have been terrible at keeping up with pictures on here lately! If I’ve missed you lately let me know! 🌴🤙 #outdooradventures #travelpic #travelandlife #goexplore #travelgram #girlswhoexplore #beautifuldestinations #traveldames #blacksandbeach #punaluu #dream_image #nature #nature_perfection

Do you ever have pictures that bring back such good happy memories? That’s why I love pictures so much. It takes you back to that exact moment. This was late summer and my friend and I were cruising the country roads just being silly and laughing. You don’t need to be doing big things to be having the best times. And thanks for all of you being so sweet on my last post, I really do appreciate all you kind people on here! ❤️

Had to post this here. #makeitstop #stupidspam #instagram

Where are the prairies?? Where!! It’s what you’re wondering right? Well the prairies are too cold right now. I do like taking pics in the winter but my hands get so cold. I hate being cold. What a baby I am, I need to be a more dedicated photographer. 🤣 Have a great night will try to make sure I catch up with y’all, if I haven’t for a while come say hi because it’s so easy to miss posts on here. 🌴

When the sky makes a heart shape for you! I didn’t even notice until later and thought wow maybe Hawaii loves me too 😆💕 Have a great day everyone. #outdooradventures #travelpic #travelandlife #goexplore #travelgram #girlswhoexplore #beautifuldestinations #traveldames #maui #bigbeach #dream_image #nature #nature_perfection #sky_brilliance #sky_collection

Had to take a picture of this amazing place on the Big Island. Hopefully there are no bad words on here. 😬 #moodyshots #abandon_seekers_  #abandoned_junkies  #grimelords #royalsnappingartists #mode_emotives #hawaii #bigislandhawaii #punaluu

I’m pretty sure I could change my user name to tropical rubbish and be quite happy. Also no husband/wife Instagram fights occurred in the taking of this photo. 😄 Have an awesome day.

Such a gorgeous sunset last night at Big Beach in Maui. Never would get sick of this view! Returning to cold snowy winter soon 😒 if I didn’t miss my kids and everyone else so much I most definitely wouldn’t come back. 🤣 #ocean #sunset #sunsets #nature #nature_percfection #goexplore #travelpic #travelgram #beautifuldestinations

I wrote a song about a pineapple and a stick yesterday and let me tell ya, it’s a much better song than that pineapple pen song. There was a golden pineapple sitting in our vrbo so it came for an adventure. Also I must say that the people on the Big Island are so kind. It’s my second time here and both times we have seen amazing kindness. You will be driving down a busy road or highway even and someone will be trying to turn out. People going both directions on the road will stop to let you out. I have seen this so many times. Laid back, slow paced, amazing people. Leaving today for Maui which I am excited to return to for a few days. Have a super day y’all, in your snow. Muahhahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 just kidding I am so sorry. #bigisland #hawaii

Hey y’all, I am usually up here two hours before it even gets light out because of the time change. It’s kind of nice in a way! It’s been so nice to shut off my brain and not stress about a single thing the past few days. So happy! Have a wonderful day everyone! (Picture at Punaluu Black Sand Beach) #bigislandhawaii #hawaii #glimpseofhawaii #nakedhawaii #lethawaiihappen #hawaiistagram #hawaiiunchained #havealohawilltravel #bestnatureshot #igworldclub #earth_shotz #ipulledoverforthis

Saw quite a few Instagram husbands yesterday. It was quite hilarious. (Mine included) 😆 Feels SO good to be back on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s such a special place! Spent the day at Punaluu black sand beach. The sand is black and sparkly and it looks like it has little diamonds in it. It’s quite amazing. Have a great day everyone! 🌴 #outdooradventures #travelpic #travelandlife #goexplore #travelgram #girlswhoexplore #beautifuldestinations #traveldames #blacksandbeach #punaluu

Missing summer today. It's my absolute fav time of year and so very short. Doesn't help that it's getting dark at 4:30pm now. 😬 Hope you all had a great Monday!