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Jackson Hole, WY ➖ ✉️

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Still in awe from the Gannett trip earlier this month. It’s easy to feel small in Wyoming.

Taking time to decide which roadside attractions to play on in Japan.

It’s the first fall in six years that I won’t spend in Colorado. Only great memories, but evolution is important.

Floating amongst giants.

Last night’s @tetongravity premiere certainly further raised the stoke. More ready than ever for these days. ⛷ @tamirazinger & @maxmartski #74days

Missed the sunrise but caught the moonset.

In transition. This was shot this past spring but I’m stoked for fall to bring some more regular fog back. It’s that time of year.

Winter’s first blanket has arrived in the Tetons. Game on.

Starting to feel like fall...Starting to think about the desert again.

....And on September 10th there was snow on the high peaks and we were one day closer to this. ⛷ @maxmartski #79days

When Gannett first came into view.

Quite a moody view from the top of the crags this evening. Change is upon us.

Taking advantage of the last remaining weekends in the @jacksonhole Bike Park with @maxmartski #81days

Views worth a stop and stare.

A different level of vastness is seen when you’re at the highest point in Wyoming.

The last few days were something else...Wyoming is a very special place. A lot more to come!

No shortage of interesting places in the Tetons. Fun evening exploring some caves and waterfalls with @maxmartski and @veronicabelle

Some headshots from yesterday’s evening hike with these rad humans.